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Ronnie Wood's Smile
won First Place
in the
13th Annual Writer's Digest International
Self-Published Book Awards
Life Stories Category

one judge's commentary:
"The writing in fantastic.  The words float through the page in a true voice, both self-deprecating and knowledgeable.  She made me want to learn more about Ronnie Wood, about her obsession, about the compulsion to throw scarves during concerts.  Had me hooked from the introduction forward.  I read the entire book in one sitting. Fabulous insight into the mind of a person with an obsession, puts a lens on something I've always wondered about. . . .Probably the best overall book I read [in the competition]. Fine work."


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Ronnie Wood's Smile     
and where it led


the Writer's Digest Award

 the Hugo House Review
 September 13th, 2005

the Small Press Book Watch Review

Midwest Book Review

Shidobee Review

Recencie (Review in Dutch)

Readers' Reviews

 While countless pages have been written about the Rolling Stones and its members, little attention has been given to the motivations and machinations of the fan base that makes this band the top grossing act in musical history.  Author Wendy Mullen describes her spiral from regular fan to rock connoisseur as her interest in guitarist Ronnie Wood is propelled almost to obsession by the rise of the internet and a few interactions with Ronnie on stage. You neednít be a Stones fan to be amused by the array of comical characters and adventures that ensue; resist though you may, this funny, self-effacing tale will suck you into caring about her pursuit as much as the author does and will reveal your own fascinations and obsessions.

What the heck is this website?  Is this a site sponsored by its subject
or is it a fan site?  Is the web mistress associated with Ronnie Wood? Who is she? and why did she start this website in the Internet Dark Ages of 1995, when it took 20 minutes to upload it to the web, and there were no search engines? Why has she kept it up? What adventures has it engendered?
Wendy grew so weary of telling her tale individually that she turned it into a book.   The tale that started with a smile and turned into a website, and finally into a book:  
Ronnie Wood's Smile: and where it led

Quite a good read, they say.