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Ronnie plays his 1955 sunburst Fender Stratocaster more than any other guitar. . . 

January 9, 2006 Montreal by Jim Pietryga

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in Dublin, December 8, 2001


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In Torino, Italy in 1982

Okay, I admit it.  Ronnie has two look-alike sunburst strats. One is 1955 and the other is 1956.  The '55 is thinner and lighter--the '56 has a fatter neck.  Can you spot the difference?

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Tony Zemaitis "metal front"

Ronnie's had this custom guitar since the Faces days.

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the 1952 Fender Telecaster.GoldTongue.gif (1412 bytes)  

this guitar is a present to Ronnie from Billy Gibbons, the guitar player of ZZ Top

the top of the guitar is covered with thing pieces of mother-of-pearl

The Gibson Firebird,
held by Johnny Starbucks,
Ronnie's charming guitar technician, 
and another metal-front Zemaitis

The  Steel:
pedal & lap

photo by C. Koenig

the Weissenborne
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  You Got the Silver

during Wayside and Little Red Rooster December 2001
Chuch Magee made a stand for it so Ronnie can play it on stage.

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photo by Jim Crowley

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the Gibson L5 S (often mistaken for a Les Paul)
Ronnie's is unusual as it has only a single pick-up

the Gibson Acoustic

Keith's & Ronnie's together

The Ron Wood1950s  Gibson SJ-200

The  black  ESP which  has a bender which changes the B string to a C# when  the strap is pulled.

  The Dan Armstrong clear



The Sitar 

The Gibson Dobro

Ronnie uses Ernie Ball, regular, 10 gauge strings

Ronnie's stack of Mesa Boogies
But for the Licks Tour, Ronnie is matching Keith with custom Fender amps.

behind and beneath the amps is this control board:

The Guitars Ronnie Currently Uses for  These Songs
please don't take this as gospel; I've seen Ronnie use different guitars for the same songs two nights in a row.  Also, it seems he does not take his "better guitars" to the small stage.  For instance, when playing "You Got Me Rocking" on the main stage, he plays the Zemaitis; on the small stage, he uses the Dan Armstrong.

All about you\F\\Strat\
All over now\G\89\\
All down the line\G\147\LS5/slide
Already over me\Em\78\Strat\tremolo
Anybody seen my baby\Am\106\Strat\jet end solo
Around and around\\\Broadcaster\
Between a Rock & a Hard Place\Am\124\Red Bender\
Bitch\Am\133\L5 S\
Brown Sugar\C\126\Strat\
Can't Get Next To You\\\Strat\+ 59 on lead
Can't You Hear Me Knocking\strat
Crotch Music\Strat
Crazy Mama\D\112\Strat\
Dance part 1\\\Strat\
Dead Flowers\D\132\Black Bender\
Don't look Back\  strat
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love\ Firebird
Factory Girl\D\96\\
Far Away Eyes\F\\\
Flip the Switch\E\158\Strat\
Fool to Cry\F\71\Strat\wah wah
Gimme Shelter\C#m\116\Strat\
Groovin' You\Strat
Hand Of Fate\  LS5
Happy\ zemaitis or lap steel
Hey Negrita
Honky Tonk Woman\G\107\Telecaster
How Can I Stop?\\\Strat\volume pedal
I Just Want to Make Love to You\E\\Strat\
I Wanna Hold You\G\\Strat\
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll\Strat\
Juiced\F\85\Black Zemaitis\F slide
Jumping Jack Flash\H\138\Strat\
Just My Imagination\A\109\Strat\
Let It Bleed\C\118\Black Zemaitis\slide
Let's Spend the Night Together\G\124\Strat\
Like a Rolling Stone\C\89\Strat\
Little Queenie\A\133\Strat\
Little Red Rooster\Weissenborn\to-strat
Live With Me\Strat\
Love in Vain\Zemaitis\
Low Down\LS5/ / Fender Lap\
Memory Motel\F\79\Strat\wah wah
Midnight Rambler\the Duesenberg
Miss You\Am\108\Strat\59 on lead solo
Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown\E\\Strat\tremolo
No Expectations\\\Black Zemtaitis\
Oh Carol\\\Broadcaster\
Ooh La La\Gibson Acoustic
Out Of Control\Hm\115\Strat\wah wah lead end
Paint It Black\\\Strat\
Play With Fire\Em\\\
Paradise City\Strat
Rip This Joint\\\LS5/
Rock'n'Roll Star\Telecaster
Rocks Off\ stratRough Justice\ zemaitis
Ruby Tuesday\C\103\Strat\volume pedal
Saint of Me\F\115\Strat / Tele\
She's a Rainbow\H\105\Weissenborn\
Shine a Light\C\74\LS5 \2 leads fuzz on
Silver Train\\\FenderLap\
Sister Morphine\Am\78\LS5slide
Slipping Away\\\Strat\
Star Star \A\142\Broadcaster\
Start Me Up\F\119\Strat\
Stay With Me\ Black Zemaitis\open tuning
Street Fighting Man\H\\Strat\
Sway\\\Broadcaster\vox off / boogie only
Sway\\\LS5\solo slide
Sympathy For the Devil\A\109\Strat\
The Last Time\E\155\55 Strat\
The Low Down\A\\LS5/ / fender lap\
Thief in the Night\D\\\low E to D / vox off / volume pedal
Time Is On My Side\F\46\Strat\tremolo
Torn & Frayed\ bender to pedal steel
Tumbling Dice\H\\telecaster
Under My Thumb\A\120\Strat\
Waiting On a Friend\C\\Strat\tremolo
What D'Ya Think \Gibson Acoustic
When the Whip Comes Down\A\135\Strat\
Worried About You\ strat
The Worst \pedal steel
You Can't Always Get What You Want\C\81\Strat\
You Don't Have To Mean It\A\\Piano\
You Got Me Rockin'\D\124\Black Zemaitis\open E \DanArmstrong:       small stage
You Got the Silver\\\Dan Armstrong\f slide